Wash While You Wait

Need to give the dog a bath, but don't want to do the dirty work yourself?

Perhaps you have two dogs and don't have time to wash them both. We'll wash one for you! This service includes a shampoo and dry. This is great for dogs that do not require a full professional groom or for in between baths. This includes a bath and drying. If you need your dog to be brushed out, trimmed or anything beyond a wash and dry, please book a professional grooming appointment!

Here are some guidelines for our Wash-While-You-Wait Service:
Washing and drying your dog takes 15-30 minutes depending on the breed. Because we do not have any kennel space, we ask that you are there when we finish washing and drying your dog.

There is a service charge of $10 if you are not there when your dog is ready and another $10 for every 10 minutes we have to watch your dog. We have plenty of reading material and sitting areas for you to wait.

- FLEAS: If fleas are detected on your dog, there will an be extra charge of $20.00.

- SKUNKS: There is a fee of $20 for 'de-skunking' your dog.

Pick your self serve dog wash price and add $10 for Wash-While-You-Wait.

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