Self Serve Dog Wash

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I used the self-serve dog wash today, and I was just amazed! Everything I needed was right there, my dog and I felt safe and secure, and staff was readily available to answer questions. Considering that I used their water, their shampoo and conditioner, their dryer, their towels, PLUS the fact that I didn't even have to clean up after a very hairy experience, this was the one of the greatest deals I've ever gotten. Can't imagine why I waited so long to use the service. The shop and staff are really outstanding, and this self-serve dog wash is just over-the-top fabulous. Don't send any more dog hair down your own drain - you owe it to yourself to try this awesome service! You can even pay a little bit more and have one of the staff wash the dog for you!! The shop also has an excellent selection of top-quality pet food, treats, and toys so check them out!
Date Added: 02/01/2013 by Donna Pearman
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